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Rebecca Gitana Torres, Interior Designer & Transformational Guide.


Rebecca Gitana is a Transformational Guide who has combined mindful Interior Design with a variety of healing modalities to help her clients and viewers find harmony and healing through the home. In fact, for the last ten years she has studied human behavior within the home and how our environment both affects and reflects our state of being. She has been quoted on Bed Bath and Beyond, MSN Lifestyle, Casa Latina and various blogs and podcasts for her expertise in this field.

Rebecca is also a Curandera and Transformational Guide who is known as GAIA in this realm. Here, she provides a safe space for those who are looking to deepen their personal healing practices. Sessions with GAIA include energetic works and vibrational healing where she incorporates modalities such as: Talk and touch therapy, crystal healing, chakra clearing, aromatherapy, toning, breath work , sound, smoke and more. Her thriving and growing healing practice focuses on her work as a Sacred Sexuality Therapist, Spiritual Counselor and a as a Ceremonial Guide fostering inner and outer transformation.

Rebecca continues to study with Indigenous Healers, and Teachers from her native Borikén, NYC and California. She is an advanced Crystal Healer and has also apprenticed and studied with two Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors. Her abilities in this realm continue to grow exponentially and much of this can be attributed to her both her lineage and to her natural purpose on this planet.

All of these modalities are incorporated into her HOME HEALING practice which is what deepens and amplifies her work in the home. She understands that the state of our spirit and the state of the home is intimately connected. Her ability to be so sensitive, intimate and precise is what elevates her work.

Publicly, she is also known as a media personality, and artist. A highlight within this journey has been the success of her self produced show entitled, “Lifestyle Remix TV”. This show aired on various NYC Public Television stations and reruns are still known to air. LSRTV demonstrates what it means to Remix your life via Home and Garden as well as the power of connecting back with Spirit & Culture. “Lifestyle Remix TV” was award nominated locally for the WOW Factor in both programming and on air talent.

Rebecca has also been featured on National Platforms for her Artistry and overall presence. She has been featured on NBC News, Vibe Magazine, Variety Magazine, Latina Magazine, and We are MITU. She has been invited to moderate and sit as a panelist for many distinguished panels. She has also provided key note speeches and has gracefully emceed events or provided her artistis presence for major organizations, non-profits and national brands. Some of these organizations include: The Girl Scouts, Girls Inc, Dropbox, Google, Jack Daniels, HBO Latino, The NY Botanical Garden and both Harlem and Bronx Fashion weeks to name a few.

Rebecca is proudly of Puerto Rican descent and is strongly connected to her island and the preservation of her Indigenous and diverse culture. Her humanitarian work is part of how she serves Mother Earth and humanity.

Expect lots more from Rebecca & Healing through the Home including new Television shows as well as upcoming live events.



Take a look at some of my offerings and then reach out to create your own empowered experience. I am so excited to meet you and be your guide! 

Room Reading:

Think of this session as a  “palm” reading for a room in your home! 

Within this Video Chat Session, I will get a tour of your space, as you share with me your current situation along with your present goals and dreams. I will probably even pull some cards during the session to gain more insights into what’s happening beneath the surface. In addition you will also learn some valuable design and energetic remedies you can implement right away! 

Each session will begin with a heart opener to create space for you to receive and prepare for transformation. Following our session, you will also receive a short recap (and maybe even a shopping list / mood board) to assist you in moving forward. 

This session is a great way to reinvigorate your outlook and your quality of life in just one session. Fill out the form below (near calendar) for pricing and to share your story with me.


Healing House Call:

Yup, I’m coming over!!!!

These sessions are all about assessing where the healing is most needed and then implementing some remedies right away! When I come over to play, so much can be achieved! 

Within this session we will take a tour of your place to discover the parts of {you=home} that needs extra love and care. We will talk about your goals, dreams, and challenges too. We might clean, move furniture, reorganize, hang art or go into some deep spiritual works. Each session will be different and therefore a phone chat prior will help me to arrive ready to remix. We will also implement energetic remedies to elevate your lifestyle and overall vibration. 

You will also receive a short recap to assist you in moving forward.

Fill out the form below (near calendar) for pricing and to share your story with me.

The room you see here is the result of a series of sessions.

My first session with this client began right after a major shift occurred in her life. This session entailed: Touch & talk therapy, a sacred cleansing bath, breath work and more in a safe cocoon of transformation. She needed to release the physical & emotional trauma she had most recently endured & I was there to help guide her through that purge. Following that session we reclaimed her home by cleansing its vibrations with sound & smoke all while setting new intentions for the space. Then, clutter clearing, color therapy, a new layout, furniture and so much more brought us to the place you see here.

Clutter Clearing: 

Clear your space and create new possibilities! 

Clutter in the home creates many energetic blockages that can manifest through creative stagnation, financial loss, disconnect and lack of drive. Clutter also brings up emotions like, stress, anxiety and other feelings we all could live without. 

However, within these sessions we will transform how you live by getting down to the truth surrounding your clutter. We will observe those blockages and then release them through my tried and true methods. 

I am a Grand Master at this and it will be my joy to guide you. 

Clutter feels yuck and that is really all we nee to say about that. Let’s get busy! Book either in person or virtually to get yourself free as soon as now. 

Video Sessions: These are great when you need help with where to start. I can see what’s going on and can give you powerful guidance and a plan of attack for the present moment. These sessions are similar to the “Room Reading” except the focus here is clutter, it’s source, and how we can overcome through eliminating and reorganizing. 

Fill out the form below (near calendar) for pricing and to share your story with me.

All sessions come with a follow up plan and insights to help you build momentum. Plus, I will be available to you via chat on those days you are deep in the decluttering phase!

You are the Home:

Within this session we will turn the attention towards YOU as the HOME.

Receive energetic body work and loving vibrations as we clear the clutter inside of you. Allow me to guide you as we incorporate:

* Breath Work & Gentle Movement

* Touch & Energetic Therapies

* Spiritual Counseling & Prayer

* Healing vibrations via Crystal, Sound, & Aroma Therapy

* and more…

Sessions take place in your home or at our healing studio in NYC. These sessions are available to Men, Women, and non-binary beings. Couples and Family sessions can be curated as well.

Fill out the form below (near calendar) for pricing and to share your story with me.


As I described earlier these are some brief descriptions to help you imagine how we can create together. Below are some additional areas of focus that may be infused into your sessions. 

  • Energetic Cleansing: Learn and implement techniques to help you release trauma and sadness from the home. Smoke, sound and primal sounds are a few keys into the magic infused.

  • Radical Remix: Sometimes everything (or mostly everything) must go or must be reimagined so that a new life can begin. (Super post divorce, illness, major life shift)

  • Grant yourself a Garden: Give yourself the gift of lush and revitalizing greenery. Learn how to “grow your green thumb” all while giving yourself fresh clean air and a bright new outlook thanks to some new plant friends!!! This kind of design focus is life and health altering!

  • Moving on up: Receive support as you move into a new space. This support can include setting you up in your new home or traveling lighter (decluttering) before you move out. 

  • When 2 become 1: Moving in with your Lover and need help blending your two worlds? I am here to help! In addition to my home healing expertise I also serve as a love/ sex coach for many couples via one on one Tantric sessions. (Mmmmhhhhmmmm) Call me in to help you create a unified style for your life together. 


Tell me more about your specific desires and let’s get you booked! 

Seasonably available in NYC, Puerto Rico & California. 





(914) 517-3581



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  • CA

  • PR



Her consultation allowed me to see all the energy blockages in my living space. Not only is her positive energy infectious but she’s also an interior design genius! Worth every penny!
— Kon B.


I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have met Gaia {Rebecca} as I was lead to her during a time in my life when I felt lost and stuck.

As a fairly accomplished psychologist and professional, I consider myself awake to the world and have helped many people face their dragons and persevere. I have also sought psychotherapy for myself in the past yet Gaia has taken me deeper into myself then others before. Many things that took me years to learn in school and then teach to my clients seem to come organically and effortlessly to her. True to her name, she is like Mother Earth- a natural healer and nurturer. She always has the right breath, touch or words to help me get unstuck and moving forward. Psychology and science do not yet have the words to describe what I have experienced with her. We are now approaching one year of working together and I am so proud of how much I have grown and transformed.

— M. B.
Rebecca has such a knack for making a fabulous room happen even virtually! Through video chat she was able to catch all the ways that my space is holding me back. With her guidance I rearranged furniture and remixed my own stuff to make a home that makes me feel proud. She also coached me through so many personal challenges throughout this process and helped to see my life in a new way.
— Mara T.
I met Rebecca {GAIA} at a time when I needed to heal from various emotional and health related traumas. All these things this left me feeling oppressed both in my body and in my home. Rebecca and I first began with spiritual and energetic work which helped me to reconnect back into myself and my needs. Then she came over to my home where I was guided as to how I can reclaim / reconnect to my space through rituals that unlocked a new beginning. Rebecca then helped me transform my space through refreshing Interior Design that helped to free myself of my past. She has also helped me to clear my clutter in a systematic way over several months. I learned so much about myself through this process. Shifting thoughts and a whole new way of life.
— Nikki C.
Rebecca came into my life at a time when I was smothered with my clutter. I was so embarrassed and felt exposed when Rebecca came over she put me at ease right away and helped me to feel empowered about my mess. She whipped my clutter into shape and even helped me see how the clutter in my home is connected to some of my behaviors and how I even hold myself back. She just knows how to be there for you and I appreciate that.
— Lou


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